About weCooperate

What is wecooperate?

Wecooperate is a cross border business support service. It is unique since it is built by and contains of a community of creative entrepreneurs living on the edge of the world. Our values reflect cross border cooperation, which creates bridges between geographical locations and the people living far away from each other. We believe in a world that is more interconnected with collaboration, innovation, business and inspiration to create a better environment for as well as between people. Together we are stronger, more efficient and can accomplish more!


The community

Wecooperate is a community of creative entrepreneurs operating in different fields who want more collaboration, inspiration, sharing of knowledge and experiences, offer mentorship and create new solutions. Our community members are mainly living on the edge of the world and want to live of what they love where they love to live.

We are a community where we exchange knowledge, business opportunities, ideas and innovative solutions to be able to offer high quality solutions to our customers and to keep developing and exploring the opportunities of borderless collaboration.

Wecooperate is built by young creative entrepreneurs who took part in the Northern Creative Youth 2 project which ran between 2011-2013 and was funded by the European Union through the Northern Periphery Program. Through this project we got the opportunity to meet and collaborate across borders and we experienced the benefits and advances of working like that. When we meet people with complementary skills, new and exciting things happen. It became obvious that the networks built during the project became the driving force as a community engine for the business support service.

How does it work?

We connect and collaborate across borders to achieve better, bigger and more innovative results.
We combine online action and communication with local, regional and transnational events and gatherings to keep up to date with what happens in as many realities as possible!
We offer cutting edge solutions thanks to our niche expertise and experience from different markets in Europe.
We are experts on youth entrepreneurship on the edge and what is needed for increasing entrepreneurial spirit in societies.
We believe that if you share a little you gain a lot.

Are you a creative entrepreneur living on the edge wanting to find new ways of working, share your knowledge and get new business possibilities? Join us! It’s free, it’s open and it’s fun.

Are you in need of methods for increasing and supporting youth entrepreneurship in your area? In here you’ll find the expertise, experience and input you need for making it reality. Read more here on wecooperate or contact us and we’ll make a custom made offer for you in accordance with you needs and aims.

Are you searching for a filmmaker, a web developer, a seamstress, a graphical designer, a business developer or all above and something else? You find them all here, in the same place! How convenient is that? Very! Just search for your needed skill and find us in the community.