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Caroline Lini Hedberg

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Stockholm, Sweden

It's OK to have crazy ideas!

Yes, thats what I always say when it's brainstorming time. No matter how crazy your idea is, it needs to be in the idea bunch when deciding what to do. The crazy idea might be unworkable, but it's the challenge to make that idea workable together with other ideas and shape it to it's purpose.

My name is Caroline Hedberg, but have always been called Lini. I have been working as a designer for many years and love the variety that design can offer.
I have been doing everything from illustrations, advertising signs at car roofs, printing folders, banners, t-shirt prints to jewelry. Anything that can be designed I'm interested in.

Recently I have worked as a Marketing Cooridnator at Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship, my responsibilities was to market SSES and its courses, events and activities, through print, web and social media.

I love the challenge to do something for someone else. To translate and understand the concept, idea, product or need that the costumer have, and make the solution as best as possible.

The best thing is to sit down on the floor at home, in your one piece suit and take all your pens, crayons and paper and just draw whatever that is on my mind, listening to music and drinking Coca Cola.

Feel free to contact me when you for example want:

* Business cards, Birthday cards, Invitation cards
* T-shirt prints
* Logotypes
* Printing materials (note, book, folders, flyers, posters
* Paintings
* Books (covers or children illustrations)
* Roll-ups, Media walls
* Presentations