How to write a press release?

If you have interesting news it is a good idea to send a written message to media and tell them about it. A press release is a nice tool to make media pay attention to your business. Maybe your story and your work will end up in the newspaper.

To increase your chance to get your story published the text should be about something new, something unusual or about a new aspect of a current topic.

It should also be about something that affects many people.

A press release can announce common events, new products, extraordinary services and awards for example. It can also contain information about a new shop that’s about to open, or something else that’s happening in a public area.

If you have exciting news you should make others know about it. If a newspaper or magazine find it interesting too they probably wants to publish your story and you can create public relations. If you send a well-written press release it is easier for media to assimilate your message and adapt it. You should be aware that your text probably will be re-written to suit the current media.

To make it more convincingly it is a good idea to use quotations from involved people, like a collaborator. But you can’t just make it up. To make a professional impression it is important that your text is reliable. Ask people questions to get real quotations if you don’t remember anything useful they already said about the current topic.

It is also important to use a journalistic approach, newspapers doesn’t want advertising. If you like an ad you have to pay for it. But a good text has a chance to be published as an article.

Think about who you want to reach, which media is the best to contact? There is a lot of different newspapers and magazines. Or is it more suitable to contact the local radio channel to get attention?

You should also ask yourself the question: when is the best time to send your press release? Friday afternoon might not be a good idea, then your message probably end up among all the other tasks the receiver will go through on monday morning.

When you have chosen media and you have written down everything you like to say, don’t forget to leave contact information to you or someone else the receiver can call for more information. And ensure that this person is available

to answer questions. It is also a good idea to attach a picture or illustration to your text.


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How to share an article?

Share this article by copying the url and paste it in whatever social media you are using.

We believe that the best and most secured way of sharing articles is done by not providing social media pluggins the access to your data.

If you truly want to share the article just copy past the URL and paste it on the platform you want to share it too. Be it email or Facebook or other online platforms.

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