Young creative entrepreneurs + Stenstan visitor center Sundsvall = totally new solutions and ideas

In November 2013 we helped the Stenstan visitor centre in Sundsvall with new ideas on how to develop their interactive center and include local entrepreneurship into their exhibitions. We divided us in five groups and developed a whole bunch of new ideas within a few short hours. The day ended by all the groups presenting the ideas. If the visitor center will use any of the ideas, it will be done in collaboration with the companies of the entrepreneurs. Kate Almroth, host at the center, was surprised by and happy for what the day resulted in:


“I must admit that I wasn’t quite prepared for the experience of working with you!  Young creative entrepreneurs came into our arena and simply impressed me with your wonderfully fresh, cost effective and creative solutions; solutions which can further enhance the imaginative design details in our center.”


The concept of the collaboration is very simple although effective:

Stenstan visitor center invited us and gave an introduction to the entrepreneurship in Sundsvall over the years leading to how it looks today, they gave us the task and its purpose and a tour through the premises to better understand what they needed us to help them with. After that we took over and worked really focused for about two hours before we were ready to present our ideas and concept to the staff at the visitor center. All in all the session took half a day.

In the meeting between the public sector and the creative industries, totally new ways may appear and exciting results be revealed as happened in this case.

“I would be honored to welcome this network back to us at visitor centre anytime in the future.  I look forward to it!”
~Kate Almroth, host at the Stenstan visitor center.


Presentation of ideas, Andreas, Summer, Rebecka and Magnus

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